#58 – Danny Jacobs – All Hail King Julien

Voice actor, Danny Jacobs stops by the Life of Dad studio to chat with Art Eddy about his Emmy Award winning role of King Julien on the Dreamworks Animation series All Hail King Julien. Danny talks about voicing the hilarious character, working with the other actors, what he loved about doing that series and more.

On Netflix you can watch the 6th and final season of the multiple Emmy Award winning series All Hail King Julien. The show — about an ill-equipped, privileged, self-involved lemur named Julien who becomes king and has absolutely no idea what he is doing – has entertained kids and parents with a unique blend of humor that ranges from silly (using toilets for boats) to sophisticated satire of current social and political issues like bullying, immigration reform, religion vs. science and fact vs. fiction.

Danny Jacobs also has voiced in other series like, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and many other great roles.

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